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Massage is also beneficial for releasing muscles spasms and increasing blood flow throughout the body.  It is a perfect complement to chiropractic care.  They specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Prenatal Massage.  If you are looking for relief from muscle discomfort, you will not be disappointed!

Client Testimonials:

"Brittany has a wonderful "bedside" manner.  Being a computer analyst, she listens to my concerns about neck and shoulder pain and uses her knowledge to alleviate the knots of chronic tension.  She also has done wonders for my TMJ pain.  I can't recommend her enough!"  - Jackie O.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my massage.  She has a great personality and I felt great afterwords.  I really look forward to my monthly massage." - David A.

"Brittany's massages have really been a nice compliment to my chiropractic care.  My neck tension from my computer job has been been reduced and I have less end of the day headaches."  - Bill J.

Swedish, Sports and Prenatal Massage:

15 minutes    $15.00

30 minutes  $40.00  

60 minutes  $70.00

90 minutes  $110.00

Gift Certificates:

The perfect gift for family,friends and co-workers.  They will forever thank you for the gift of relaxation.

Massage Therapy

Brittany brings a caring touch along with the experience to not only work out those tight knots in your back, but also provide advice on stretching and ergonomic lifestyle changes for long term muscle health.

Massage is helpful for:

  • headaches   

  • back aches                         

  • neck pain      

  • stress  

  • anger

  • anxiety 

  • depression

  • irritability

  • high blood pressure