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Chiropractic is the art of healing with hands-on techniques known as “adjustments” or “manipulations”. It does not depend on drugs or surgery, and as such, strives to help the patient find alternative means to achieve health. Chiropractic assists the body’s structural frame to do its job and to move in an unhindered fashion, thus allowing normal motion between joints. When performed on the spine, the joints are kept mobile and the nerves that pass between the vertebrae travel to their destinations unimpinged.


Acupuncture is an ancient healing art that stimulates the body’s inherent healing powers by unblocking the flow of the internal energy, known as chi (pronounced “chee”). Blockage to the flow of chi can be removed using fine needles; finger pressure, electrical stimulation, and other methods applied along meridians, or energy channels, in the body.  Ongoing scientific studies prove the efficacy of acupuncture in treating a multitude of conditions.

Nutritional Programs:

Patients who are interested in nutritional supplements are set up on a program of dietary modification and supplemental additions based on their diet, allergy sensitivities, or lab blood values.

Massage Therapy:

Therapeutic massage is available to patients that are interested in reducing stress, muscle tension, and stiff joints, or for overall well-being. When combined with chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture treatment, its value is greatly increased.

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Laser Therapy:

Low-level laser therapy harnesses and magnifies energy from the invisible spectrum of light.  This process delivers energy and therapeutic light into damaged cells, so the process of repair and healing are greatly accelerated.

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We offer cosmetic/esthetic services from our Master Esthetician Renee. Her company, 'Belle Ame Esthetics' will not only focus on custom facials, dermaplaning, chemical peels, and waxing, but troubling skin conditions like rosacea, acne, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and more.

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